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We've worked hard to make our site as easy to use as possible. But we're aware that because of the variety of computers and Internet browsers our viewers will be using, some of you may experience technical problems.

We want to do everything we can to help you enjoy a glitch-free Classical TV viewing experience. If the advice below answer your problem or if you do not feel confident making changes to your computer settings, please contact us at and we will respond to your query as quickly as possible. If you have queries concerning subscription payments please contact us at If you have subscribed but forgotten your password, there is a forgot password option available at the login screen in our player or on our sign into your account page. If you wish to change your password to something more memorable visit our website and  sign into your account, where you will find the change password option .

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How Do I Subscribe?

For more information about how subscriptions work, visit Subscription on our website

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

You can cancel at any time by logging into your Account or by sending an email to requesting subscription cancellation. You will still have access to the service for the remainder of the month you have paid for. After cancellation, you will still be able to view our free videos. For more information about subscribing, visit Subscription on our website.

Can I Get A Refund If I Cancel Partway Through A Month?

Partial refunds are not available. You will still have access to the service for the remainder of the month you have paid for. For more information about subscribing, visit Subscription on our website.

Does My Subscription Work on Other Devices?

Your subscription is “cross-platform” which means that whatever device ClassicalTV appears your subscription will give you access to the ClassicalTV services you have paid for.

What Information Do You Collect About Me?

By accessing and using ClassicalTV, you are agreeing to us setting cookies on your device as and you are also agreeing to the terms of our Privacy Policy. Please read our privacy policy carefully so that you know what we are doing with your information. 

What Will Happen If I Block Or Delete Cookies?

The ClassicalTV Player needs cookies to be activated on your browser. If you block or delete cookies, ClassicalTV will not function correctly. For example, you may not be able to view content that you have purchased if cookies have been blocked or deleted.

How Can I unsubscribe From ClassicalTV Newsletters?

You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of the newsletter or by logging into your Account and selecting the Newsletter opt out option.

If I Opt In To ClassicalTV Newsletters Will I Receive Communications From Third Parties?

ClassicalTV newsletters may include news, competitions, promotions and marketing communications from ClassicalTV and selected third parties. We don't give your data to anyone else, so third party promotions will be offers and deals chosen by us.

Why Does My Video Player Not Work?

We use the Adobe Flash player, which is the latest technology available for streaming. We also use HTML5 -  (HTML5 enables our videos to be watched across technologies without using Flash.) Your computer may already be using the Adobe Flash player. But to download the latest version click here: Adobe Flash Player   Select the operating system you are using and follow the instructions to download.

How Do I Enable JavaScript?

You will need to have JavaScript activated on your computer to view programmes on ClassicalTV’s Player. If you believe that JavaScript is not currently enabled on your computer, please visit to follow the step-by-step instructions for your browser and operating system.

I Can't Get Any Programmes To Play, I Just Get A Black Screen

We recently became aware of an issue affecting the playback of some of the programmes on our player, particularly for viewers using older versions of browsers (Mozilla Firefox 4.0 and Internet Explorer 7).  As both of these browsers are quite out of date, the best thing to do is to upgrade your browser. You can do this by downloading the latest version free of charge.  Below are links to Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

For Mozilla Firefox:
For Internet Explorer:

This should resolve any issues and allow you to view our programmes, however, if the problem persists, you could try clearing your cache and cookies. Below are the instructions on how to do this depending on which browser you are using.
If you are using IE (Internet Explorer);

  • Go to Tools
  • Internet Options
  • Select General tab
  • Browsing History
  • Delete
  • Tick Temporary Internet Files and Cookies
  • Click Delete
  • Got to Tools
  • Internet Options
  • Select General tab
  • Browsing History
  • Settings
  • View Files
  • Delete all the files within this folder
  • Restart IE

If you are using Firefox;

  • Go to Tools
  • Clear Recent History
  • Tick 'cookies' and 'cache'
  • Click Clear Now
  • Restart Firefox

If you are using Chrome:

  • Go to Tools
  • Options
  • Under the Bonnet
  • Clear Browsing Data
  • Select 'empty the cache and delete cookies'
  • Restart Chrome

I've tried playing video, but all I get is the message “loading”. What does this mean and why does it happen?

Our video is designed to play almost instantaneously, but a small amount needs to be loaded, or "buffered" first before play can begin. However, if your connection is slower than 500kbps or drops below that speed because of problems with your internet connection, ClassicalTV may not be able to download enough material to play. To check your broadband speed by visiting
Alternatively, you may be experiencing playback issues if you do not have the correct hardware and/or software setup.

Can I Download Programmes To Watch Offline?

At the moment, it is not possible to download programmes from our player to watch offline, however, we are always listening to our viewer's comments and feedback and will continue to explore ways in which to develop our player so watch this space!

How Do I Complain About The Videos?

If you live within the European Union Community and have an editorial or programming complaint about our service that that you feel cannot be handled by Classical TV, please contact the The Authority for Television on Demand (ATVOD) who regulate the editorial content of on-demand program services:

ATVOD Complaints - Thames Court, 1 Victoria Street, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 1YB United Kingdom