Roku TV

Connecting your Roku device to ClassicalTV

What you need:

1.  A Roku device connected to your TV and linked to your wireless network. Follow the Roku instructions to achieve this.

2.  A ClassicalTV subscription. If you do not have a ClassicalTV subscription you can create one by visiting our website  


When you're ready to link your Roku to ClassicalTV follow the steps below.

Step 1:

On your computer sign-in to your ClassicalTV account using your email address and password. At the bottom of your account page select “enter code”. The next steps will obtain your code.

Step 2:

On your TV, launch the channel store on your Roku device and search for 'ClassicalTV'. Follow the prompts to install the ClassicalTV channel. If you cannot find ClassicalTV in the store, please reboot your Roku device.

Follow the on screen guide which will take you through the linking process ending with the display of your device code. Make a note of the device code.

Step 3:

On your computer enter the device code. Your Roku device will automatically detect that you have entered the code.

Step 4:

On your TV select 'OK' to confirm.

You have now successfully linked your Roku device to your ClassicalTV account and can now enjoy our videos.   If you require help contact us at


To access ClassicalTV's YouTube channel on Roku

Step 1:

Connect Roku to your TV and add to your WiFi network, as per the instructions above. Then login in to your Roku account.

Step 2:

Add ClassicalTV's YouTube channel. Use Roku's search function and type in YouTube channel. It’s free and has great number of positive ratings. Just access and click on Add Channel and in just few minutes YouTube channel will be added to your Roku account. Now, click on the button “Go to channel” or “My channel” on the Roku Homepage, and you’ll see the just added “YouTube channel” along with the other channels you have added in the past.

Stpe 3:

Activate your YouTube account. In Roku access the sign in to YouTube account link and it will pop up an 8-digit code which you will use to activate your YouTube account. Go online using a laptop or Smartphone and sign-in to your YouTube account. Enter the code to link your Roku with your YouTube account.

Stpe 4:

Pair Device. You can pair your phone, tablet or laptop with your Roku account. After activating your YouTube account, Roku will give you another code to pair your digital device with it. Access the link from your preferred device (laptop PC or mobile phone) and enter the code given by Roku. Alternatively, you can scan the code using the QR code reader on your phone.

Step 5:

Enjoy. Now you can enjoy watching ClassicalTV's YouTube channel on Roku.


And remember...  

On your PC or phone, you can simply find the ClassicalTV YouTube channel and subscribe.