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Subscribing to ClassicalTV is extremely affordable: for a low $6.99 per month fee, you gain complete access to our extensive library of high quality performing arts videos – that’s $6.99 per month to watch any or all of the hundreds of full length programs in our collection, with the exception of upcoming pay-per-view live specials.  And now, the first month is free!  Your credit card won't be billed until a month after you sign up!

What's more, subscriptions are cross-platform - that is, once you have purchased one, you may view Classical TV programs on Roku, as well as at  One viewer called the plan “the best performing arts value on the planet.” 

A streamlined path to optimum enjoyment of Classical TV

In partnership with our payment processing service company Cheddar Getter, we have simplified the whole system - combining subscription and registration into one, easy process. Subscription costs $6.99 per month and allows cross-platform access to our entire library, with the exception of upcoming pay-per-view live specials.

As always, the editorial content on Classical TV is available to all, whether subscribed or not!  And at any time, on Classical TV, you will find free “Editor’s Choice” videos on view, too - selected from our finest programs.


You can do this from Classical TV’s homepage or, if you have not yet subscribed, from a window that will pop up when you begin to view a video.  If you are already subscribed you will be asked to submit your subscriber user name and password. . If you have a query about your subscription email us at



 •  Is the fee $6.99/month for all videos?

The subscription fee of $6.99 gives to access to ALL our videos, except for upcoming pay-per-view specials.  That's why one of our viewers called the plan “the best performing arts value on the planet.”

 •  Is the first month free?

Yes.  We won't bill your credit card until a month after you begin your subscription.

 •  How do I watch and pay for a video?

Click on the video, which will start and then pause after a few seconds, the log-in window pops up. If you are a subscriber, login with your email address and password. If you are not a subscriber you will not have access to videos until you sign up.

•  How is the money collected?

Through our payment collection partner Cheddar Getter, we accept major credit cards and PayPal. All transactions are SSL secure.  Monthly subscriptions are billed every month. Your subscription will be renewed automatically each month, and you will be charged in advance unless you cancel before the start of the new month.

•  How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time, by logging in to classicaltv and going to My Account. You will be prompted to sign-in-- from which point you may terminate your subscription.  You may also cancel by sending an emailo to, asking for cancellation. When you cancel, we will stop charging your account immediately - cancellation will be effective immediatly.

Afterward, you will still be able to view free videos and read our articles at no charge, just like any other visitor, but you will no longer have access to the majority of our videos.

• How do I recover a lost password?

Click on “Forgot password?” on the sign in page.  Enter your registered email address and we will send you an email containing a link where you can change your password. If you have forgotten your email address please contact us at

•  How do I access Classical TV videos on a different device?

If you've already purchased your video content, you can continue to view any device on which the ClassicalTV service is carried. Once you have found our service on your device simply select a video and wait for the log-in screen to appear, then enter your email address and username.

•  How secure are my credit card details?

All the information you provide is encrypted (scrambled) using the industry standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, so that when you submit your order from the online form to our computer, nothing can be read as it travels down the secure line. Your details are then applied to our subscription partner system, which resides in a completely separate, unlinked area away from our internet pages.

We take your credit card security seriously. We do not store credit card information on our systems and we will never send you an email asking for your credit card details. If you receive such an email requesting your credit card information do not respond, contact your credit card company straight away and contact us at

•  What details will be on my credit card statement?

In the majority of cases your card statement will show a payment made to "ClassicalTV." In a minority of cases, the transaction will display another reference depending on how your bank interprets the merchant ID.

•  How can I contact you?

Our administration office is based in the United Kingdom whilst our editorial office is in United States of America. So depending on your query you may have to wait for office hours to be operational before your email is read. The best way of contacting us is by email:

Editorial/Video queries:

Subscrition Queries:

Or write to us at: 89 Whiteladies Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2NT United Kingdom  


We're also on YouTube

To subscribe to ClassicalTV's YouTube channel, go here.  It's only $3.99/month-- and the first 14 days are free!