Friendly Rivalry


Zzang! Bars and Vernors ginger ale:  The Giants beat the Tigers, so now a gift basket from the Detroit Symphony Orchestra is on its way to the San Francisco Symphony.

THERE ARE SEVERAL good reasons why you might want to catch Sunday’s Detroit Symphony Live! webcast on Classical TV or one of the other media outlets where it is available:  the program (including Copland’s Rodeo and Rachmaninoff’s Symphony No. 1), the conductor (Leonard Slatkin), the DSO (“the most accessible orchestra on the planet”), and the convenient time (3 p.m. ET).  There is also another reason: The Bet!

Last month, inspired by their teams’ World Series match-up, DSO and SFS agreed to a wager on which team would win—the Detroit Tigers or the San Francisco Giants.  “The winning city’s orchestra would get a shipment of iconic culinary delights from the losers,” the orchestras explained, asking their fans to play along, encouraging them to offer their suggestions, through the orchestras’ Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, of what that dream care package should include.

Well, the winner was San Francisco, so a care package from the Michigan specialty foods company Zingerman’s is on its way to the west coast. And viewers of this Sunday’s DSO webcast, live from Detroit’s Symphony Hall, can watch DSO Music Director Leonard Slatkin and Assistant Conductor Teddy Abrams present SFS Music Director Michael Tilson Thomas with the spoils of the bet during intermission of the DSO’s Live from Orchestra Hall webcast on Sunday, at approximately 3:50 p.m. Eastern Time.  (The webcast begins at 3 p.m.)

Following popular suggestions offered by DSO and SFS fans via social media, the care package includes coffee, coffee cake, and Zzang! Bars, as well as a supply of Vernors ginger ale.   And there was real skin in this game: Tilson Thomas had vowed to wear a DSO baseball cap in rehearsal for his orchestra’s Asian tour if the Giants lost, and Slatkin had promised to wear an SF Symphony baseball cap to a Detroit Symphony Orchestra rehearsal.  According to the DSO, Slatkin wore his brand-new SF Symphony ball cap to rehearsal on Wednesday.

For details on Sunday’s live DSO webcast—and to see the concert for free!—go here.


Maestro Leonard Slatkin out the first pitch at a Detroit Tigers game in October 2011 (photo by Donald Dietz)