Our Videos Will Be Back Shortly...




Dear Friends—


We’d like to apologize for our video outage and explain what we’re doing to resolve this issue.


Recently, we decided to switch servers and make needed improvements in the “back end” of our video streaming system.  This decision, required by the growth of our audience and video collection, was part of our ongoing effort to improve viewer experience and ensure that the same selection of videos is available on all our platforms—including Roku and the Classical TV website.


The work took longer than expected, but it’s almost complete.  We have also taken the opportunity to correct quality issues that viewers have reported on several videos and create English subtitles for the videos that required them.  We'll be contacting subscribers and registered users the moment service is returned to normal.


Many of you have asked how we will handle billing for this period.  When full service is restored—we estimate by the end of the month-- subscription accounts will be adjusted to credit viewers for payments made during the outage.  In addition, subscribers will be given another free month of service.


We are grateful for your understanding and patience.  We’ve appreciated your loyalty and have always worked hard to be worthy of it.  A popular service like ours, unprecedented in bringing thousands of full-length videos to a global audience, can face unforeseen issues as it grows.   But we’re resolving these issues and looking forward to serving you again soon in an even better way-- with our ever-growing selection of high-quality videos of great performances.




The Classical TV Team