Unstoppable Force



Alberto Venceslau and Helbert Pimenta in Ímã (photo by Juniper Shuey)

“BRAZILIAN ART FOR the world” is one way to describe the work of contemporary dance company Grupo Corpo and its director, choreographer Rodrigo Pederneiras.  They offer the kind of dance—a fusion of ballet, modern, ballroom, and Afro-Brazilian dance idioms-- that appeals to audiences well beyond the dance world: smart, sexy, full of life and spirit, like Brazilian culture itself.  But though the works are appealing, what makes Grupo Corpo such a must-see is the astonishing virtuosity of the dancers themselves.  “They are trained to pirouette as expertly as they samba or shimmy, and the steps seem to pour out of their sleek, supple limbs with unstoppable force,” says The Guardian (UK).

This season Grupo Corpo brings two New York premieres to the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Ímã and Sem Mim.  Here’s how the company describes these works: 

•  “Inspired by the laws of magnetism and set to an electronic score warmed by the sounds of the ocarina and cuîca drum, Ímã samples the kinetic shimmy and bounce of the Lindy Hop. Awash in color and light, prismatic group dances give way to solos, pairs, and new groups, continuously repelling and attracting and lifting one another aloft.”

•  “Based on Sea of Vigo, the 13th-century song cycle by Martin Codax, Sem Mim draws on stories of maidens weeping in the absence of their lovers and professing their sorrows to the sea. The dancers, dressed in tattooed unitards and propelled by the rhythmic score, play with the interchange of calm and fury, like the ebb and flow of ocean waves.”

For more information on Grupo Corpo at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, go here.


Grupo Corpo's Sem Mim


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